Anxiety: not so bad after all ?

There once was a young boy who had some

pretty important exams coming up.


He was not anxious at all…


He failed.




There was once a lady who had a very
important presentation coming up.


She was not nervous at all.


she did minimal preparation.


It didn’t go well.




There once was a man who didn’t know when

he needed the loo.


He wet himself a lot.




There once was a girl who never felt tired,


she fell asleep while riding her bike.


This didn’t go well either.




We tend to do one of three things when we are



We medicate it


Escape it




We act ON it.


Some of the feelings we have start judging as



The only reason for their existence is for us

to take action to AVOID a problem, they aren’t

a problem in and of themselves.


The flavour of the discomfort is telling us

where to look.


It’s all feelings.


No need to have feelings about the feelings,


Just practise acting on them better and sooner.


It’s the best way to learn how to turn the

volume down.


Start trusting them.


Ed Ley