Hello and welcome to absolute health bootcamps. These bootcamps are designed specifically for the busy business people of Temple Quay business park.

– 40 minutes to allow you to get into work or back to work within the hour

– Mobility to counter the effects of long desk hours

– Full body and intense so that you feel like you have been worked all over

– Hitting every single muscle in the body giving maximum fat burning effects

– A different workout every time keeping your training fun and interesting

– Simple and effective to avoid injury

– Teaching new skills that can be used in your own workouts

– Core focused in order to enhance sports performance and rehab aches and pains at the same time

– learn to master body weight, gymnastic rings, kettle bells, slam balls, indian clubs and much more…

This is our current time table but we hope to add new bootcamps as rapidly as we can fill them.  If you are interested in another time then please fill in the form below and state your preferred time.






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Bootcamp Packages
  • Standard


    • 1 bootcamp per week for a month
    • This package is designed for those looking to take a steady approach to achieveing their goals


  • Gold


    • 2 sessions per week for a month
    • This is our favourite package – intense but sustainable for those looking for real and lasting results


  • Platinum


    • 3 sessions per week for a month
    • Those looking for that body blitz in the run up to a big occasion.  More sessions means quicker results

    From £99

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