How flowers make you live longer

Old people, we define people as old less by age

and more by capacity.


If you’re old, day to day activities become

challenging to the point where some don’t happen.


Once those activities are no longer possible we

look to either bring in help or place them

somewhere where they can get help.


Many studies have been done in this area.


One particularly fascinating studies done by

Ellen Langer involved giving nursing home

residents a plant to look after.


A very short time after the plants were

introduced, study participants began to

increase activity levels and improve

health markers in general.


A secret to health and happiness is service

and responsibility.


The belief that if I don’t do this, it won’t get



The question of


How do I BEST serve those around me always

yields the best results if we keep asking it and

refining our answer.


It is a question that eventually results in our

putting our selves first.


After all,


Will your service be best if you are worrying

about money or you have created wealth for



Will your service be best if you are full of

energy or run down and tired?


Will your service be best if you are calm and

present or stressed and worried about the



The best service is provided by the

self centred.


But only when that self centredness is in the

name of service to others.


Divine dichotomy or something like that.


One side of the ME ME ME is a constant focus

on self as a need to ‘measure up’. The result is

often getting caught up in need for instant

change. I’m next eating x again. I’m going to

train 7 times a week. I’m giving up chocolate



The other is I’m going to bed or I’ll be good for

know one or I exercise consistently because

back pain with out me out of action.


Your idea.


Selfishness in the name of others.


Ed Ley