How to become a food ninja

Information = seeking comfort in food will make

losing weight more challenging.

Knowledge = we are wired to seek comfort,

we cannot override the instinct.

Instinct= when I need comfort I –

go for a walk, listen to music, call a friend.

Information is great, even necessary. Information

is knowing how to block a punch. It’s for the arm chair warrior.

Knowledge is great, it helps you understand the

problem. It can demystify and removing the guilt

and frustration from the situation. It will probably

make the problem easier to solve without all

those emotions charging around.

But it won’t fix the problem.

It’s what patterns are to martial arts.

Not courage under fire but skill under safety.


Most diet advice is met with the response

“yeah, I know that. I know what to do, I

just can’t get myself to do it.”

But instinct.

Instinct is when knowledge meets action.

It’s the rare martial artist who can

transfer their skill to a life threatening situation.

It’s being in that stressful situation that would

lead to comfort eating and not choosing but

instinctively opting for a different comfort.


This isn’t something you will into being, it is a martial art.

It take repetition,

It takes gradual but constant raising of the challenge.

Approach it this way.

What’s is your white belt?
What is your blue?
What is your red?
What is your brown?
What is your black?

The challenge is only impossible when you either

turn from the fight (diet away from real life) or

aim straight for the black belt every time and

expect to be a master without any failure or struggle.


What each person needs to do to achieve each

belt is unique to them but one thing is for sure,

if you don’t change your approach you’ll

never win the fight.

Ninjas fight!

Ed Ley