Day 22

Focus – Project Independence week

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Today’s Exercise

  1. Tabata 1
  2. 100 Squats 100 Swings

    100 Press Ups

    100 Bent Over Row


  • Choose a protein- Meat, eggs or wild fish or did you like the Intermittent fasting? If you did why not keep it in.
  • Choose a green veg that has worked for you over the past 3 weeks.
  • Water


  • Choose a protein and choose and some veg- choose a lunch that you have had over the past 3 week that you can see yourself eating forever.
  • Water


  • Choose a protein and veg meal you have enjoyed over the last 3 weeks. How have you been getting on with the addition of sweet potatoes? Why not test potatoes, white rice or carrots? Make sure you only have these foods post workout and monitor how you feel.
  • Water


Take just before bed