Food Beliefs are the bane of any dieters life. This is good, this is bad. This will make you fat this will make you thin. Guess what, for a very large part it’s all crap. Yes broccoli is better for you that a chocolate bar. If you extrapolate this rule out you will get to an incredibly healthy diet all on your own with the help of google.

Everyone is different, one person’s poison is another persons medicine and for that reason I do recommend the Elimination experiment for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

However the food plan I have put together for you is the one that will get you the best results. If you read it and think, love it. I can eat all of that and truly enjoy it then it is the food plan for you. If read it and think I cannot do that then the following formula is for you.


The 21 day plan I have put together focuses on the top two sections of the funnel. This is because they are the most important to overall health. The plan then dips into the third section to provide starch, energy and nutrients when needed. As the programme and indeed life goes on you will learn how much you need to dip into this section based on what your body is telling you.

JUNK- this should read ‘other’. I have removed other from the plan completely.


We do not require the other section at all from a health perspective. There are very few benefits to the consumption of these things.

Grains(not including rice), alcohol, dairy, caffeine, sugar, Gluten

These all provide us with very little…

Except for one thing… ENJOYMENT

Every diet you ever follow will tell you this ‘cut these out’. That is not what we want. We just want you to mentally categories them differently. Enjoyment is the single most important ingredient in any diet. Not this, you body does not need them (some people are fine with dairy). We don’t need the Ben Stiller films either but they do make life more rich.

We need section 1 and 2, some of section 3 dependent upon activity levels.

The experiment you need to do for yourself is how much of section 3 and 4 do I need to enjoy my diet while still achieving my weight loss goals?