Getting Started

In March 2011 absolute health gym opened and I began working 80 hour week and that was just time in the gym. Evenings were spent combing through numbers. Weekend afternoons were spent planning the following weeks marketing and working out a very frugal home budget.

As the hard work began to pay off I arrived at a position where I was able ease off. For some reason I couldn’t, I had created a habit of filling my time.

There were always things I could do but I was living my life reactively rather than proactively. I was living in a perpetual state of readiness. I was like an ambulance driver in Beirut. Constantly refreshing my email like a rat with a cocaine dispenser and I couldn’t turn it off. I still catch myself doing it now.

My way out or at least my attempt began with a time audit. Starting at 6am Monday morning and every 15 minutes I wrote down what I did. I came up with 36 hours of wasted time every week. Food shopping, email refreshing, social media, working on numbers, even my weekends had wasted driving time.

I then created a simple schedule for my life an hour on a Sunday to plan the weeks food and an hour Monday morning to plan the weeks work was transformative. I appreciate that this may not sound like health advice but I think this all plays into the same place.

When we don’t have a plan then we live REACTIVELY.

When we spend all of our time thinking about our health we let the future hold our happiness captive.

The aim of this plan is to make your food and exercise important but not life controlling so that you have the freedom to create a life you love TODAY.

“What gets measured gets managed” Peter Drucker

“that which you focus on you attract” Me

Ask yourself now, is there any small or big detail that I am unsure about. Lack of clarity prevents forward movement. Write down any questions that you have and ask your trainer.

Workout Jargon

Tabata: This is the workout that you will do each morning. A tabata is 20 seconds of work (eg squats) followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeated 8 times. This will result in a 4 minute workout. You should record the lowest number of reps completed. This is your score, you should aim to improve on this over the next 3 weeks.

  • Tabata 1 – Squats
  • Tabata 2 – Hill Climbs

AMRAP: Complete as many rounds as possible of the series of exercises outline in the time outlined.

Eg. 20 Press up, 20 back lunges, 20 bent over rows AMRAP 15 mins- This means that you should complete as many rounds of press ups, back lunges and bent over rows and possible in 15 minutes. You can then record your score.

Recording workouts: after each workout you should record the data provided. This will be how long it takes to complete a number of rounds or a number of rounds completed in a specified time. You should also record the weights that you used.

Select weights: When a video shows the use of weights in an exercise you will need to include your dumbbells. In order to select the correct weight try practicing each exercise involved in the workout before you get started.

Select a weight that allows you to maintain good form. You can then slowly increase the loads you use over the next 3 weeks. You should aim for the workouts to be challenging.


Week 1: This is a detox week. You will only be eating organic free range where possible. Meat, fish, eggs and green vegetables. Green vegetables are very high in nutrients and you can eat as many as you like. This week is vital as it will clean out your system and make your body work more efficiently.

Week 2: This is reload week. After a week of detox your body is ready to go into fat burning over drive. This week will be the same as last but you will be including sweet potato chips some evenings. This week also introduces the ‘cheat day’ a great long term solution to eating healthy during the week and letting go on a Saturday.

Week 3: Fasting week. This week it design to regulate your hunger patterns so you aren’t always thinking about food. Meal adjustment: we understand that people have certain likes and dislikes. If you wish to swap meals you must try to swap like for like. Green veg for green veg- meat for Meat, eggs or fish.

In order to follow this plan completely you will need a supplement and some weights:

  1. Dumbbells
  2. Probiotic