Tuna Salad

Lunch is often a difficult meal, especially if you work.  Take this simple lunch with you to work half prepared and finish it before you eat.

Ingredients (serves 1)Tuna Salad

  • One tin of tuna
  • Handful of Salad leaves
  • Two Radishes
  • Two Cherry tomatoes
  • Five Sugar snaps
  • One Red Pepper
  • Half an apple.
  • Olive oil


  1. Chop up all of the salad and massage in olive oil (not the apple).
  2. Place the salad into a bag and take to work.
  3. At lunch time finely chop the apple and add tuna and apple to the salad.
  4. If you wish, add a small amount of mayonnaise to the tuna.
  5. Eat!