Vegetarian Options

Vegetarians and vegetarians who eat eggs and fish:

This plan is not designed to make you into a master chef, rather it will tell you which ingredients to use.  If you are without culinary talents your meals will result in your preparing the food on the list and eating it in separate piles next to each other.  Feel free to try and create something more exciting if you are so inclined.

Being vegetarian is not an easy way to live if you are to be healthy and we highly recommend you supplement with a high EPA and DHA fish oil or algae.  The below are options for switching proteins if you wish to remove meat.


whey protein Chicken eggs Duck eggs Quails eggs
Almonds Almond butter Nuts (not peanuts) Quinoa*
Lentils * Tempeh* Natural yogurt Bio yogurt
Raw milk Fermented cheese

*soaked for 24 hours


Cod Hake Mackerel Salmon
Dover sole Halibut Marlin Anchovy
Haddock Herring Perch Sardines
Bream Brill Trout Tuna