I missed a couple of days there, I had an absolute

nightmare to deal with.


It’s a long story but to cut it short, my family

had an accident on the motorway not long

after landing back from Denmark.


All are fine but I got lost down and insurance

and repair black hole that resulted in my

having to spend a day and a half in London.


With all the chasing and discussing back and

forth I ran out of energy.


The truth is that we all have the amount of

Energy we have and we demonstrate

what is important to us by where we spend

our energy.


Yes we can create more energy but only with

different actions.


Language is great, but it also gets in the way

and confuses us a lot.


We say


Our fitness is important to us

Our health is important to us

Our sleep is important to us

Our job

Our relationship

Our children

Our friends

Our clients


Etc you get the idea.


and the words get in our way.


We use them as substitute for action to even

convince ourselves there is action.


But we demonstrate to the world and to

ourselves 100% of the time what is important

to us by our actions alone.


I say this only because sometimes, it’s can be

quite liberating to say;


It’s just not that important to me at the moment.


And be ok with it.


Ed Ley