Trick of the mind

Derren Brown wrote a great book about 10

years ago calledTricks of the mind where he

shared a number of his secrets.


I remember a particular memory trick where he

shared how he memories list.


See list below:


  1. telephone
  2. sausage
  3. monkey
  4. button
  5. book
  6. cabbage
  7. glass
  8. mouse
  9. stomach
  10. cardboard

11. ferry
12. Christmas
13. athlete
14. key
15. wigwam
16. baby
17. kiwi
18. bed
19. paintbrush
20. walnut


First you had to read the list and try and reproduce it.


I managed about 5,


The next time Derren had written out a story

connecting each of the things in the list.


After reading it you’re then able to recite the

list forwards and backwards.




^^^^ the above and how you interpret it

demonstrates something that appears to be true in many areas in life.


Some view this and feel like they have been

given one of life’s great secrets.

(They are right)


Some view it as extra work that they can’t be

bothered to do even if it means 10 x the results.


Those who exercise regularly can get 10 x

the results by understanding and learning



Those who get aches and pains can learn how

to dramatically reduce them, fix themselves

and become more flexible.


Those who want to improve their diet only need

to invest a little time in learning to cook, shop,

plan and understand.


Those who are stressed and overwhelmed

need to spend a little time to understand their

values and beliefs.


Struggle in our lives tends to exist in the places

where we lack definition and we aren’t willing

to invest time.


The irony with most of these things is that

every single one of us will invest the same

amount of time in the end.


Those that load the front end will just get

better results. Those who load the back end

will likely be suffering the consequences.


Ed Ley