When does it stop?

Deadlines are great


They focus the mind


They rule out strategies and methods that

would result in completion after the date.


They lead to new ideas and new ways of

thinking that will result in a timely completion.


They help fend off procrastination and result

in a particular work intensity.


They lead to creative problem solving.


The shorter we make them the more these

things become true.


We tend to only use them however for

projects but not for days.


We say:


“Today I will”


We don’t remain steadfast to our leave time


We don’t remain steadfast to our last email



Or our turn off iPhone time.


Subsequently we are never off.


We substitute intensity for being permanently



The result is that is that creativity disappears,

procrastination creeps in, after all, without time

restrictions we can do it later.


We can end up slightly off at work in exchange

for being slightly on at home.


Not only is this bad for work its bad for our

health too.


Deadline projects

Deadline days

Deadline hours

Create ‘home work’ rules.


Get more done and be happier


Ed Ley