The way we treat other people is a product of our self-image and our values.

ie if we see ourselves as kind and compassionate above all else

then we identify with these values and we seek to demonstrate them.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t sometimes act in the complete

opposite way.

It just means that we can identify the times when we are not

being the person we wish to be and then make adjustments

to our behaviour.

If we place our focus on kindness and compassion and

seek to be those things in every interaction then we start

to become (slowly or quickly) the person we wish to be.


This makes us happy.


DIETS and why we so often YO YO

The way we treat ourselves is a product of our self-image

and our values.

^^^^ the way we eat for example.

ie like the above story, it’s not “I will be kind to this person”

it is “I am a kind person.”

It’s your identity not a chosen act.

The way we eat isn’t –

“Today I will eat this because the plan says”


“This meal, the next and the next are a demonstration of who I am.”

If you keep slipping on the diet

Start owning it

It’s part of who you are and who you are seeking to be, not just an action.

Start with I AM

Start speaking it

I AM… can start the process of not going backwards.

Diet change starts with self definition or it fails.

The person who says:

I AM a vegan – doesn’t eat meat
I AM a smoker – smokes
I AM strong – never stops seeking to demonstrate that.
I AM healthy – never stops seeking to maintain that.

Self image is important to us, we always seek to demonstrate it.

Carry on…


Ed Ley